Revised Sanitation Schedule due to Inclement Weather

To All Affected Town of Halifax Residents & Businesses:

Due to the significant winter weather event hitting the area, the Town of Halifax would like to inform residents and businesses receiving curbside solid waste pickup on Thursday February 13 that this service will be postponed to Friday February 14, weather permitting.

- This area includes Maple Avenue, Buena Vista Drive, Park Lane, Lakeside Drive, Harding Street, Snead Lane, Cary Street, Elam Street, Hedderly Street, Jackson Street, Back Street, Main Street (from Mountain Road north on US Hwy 501 and east on VA Hwy 360 to the corporate limits).

If further modifications to the curbside solid waste and recycling service provided by the Town of Halifax Sanitation Department is required due to the significant winter weather event, additional information will be provided. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.