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2015 Personal Property Tax Bills Mailed

-Public Service Announcement:

The Townof Halifax would like to notify residents, businesses and personal property owners that 2015 tax bills for personal property and machine & tool taxes are being mailed on November 5th.  December 5, 2015 is the due date both on personal property and machine & tool taxes along with the real estate billing notices mailed to property owners earlier on August 28, 2015 for the Town of Halifax.  However, please be aware that not all owners of registered trailers within the town may receive their personal property notice in  this cycle because this data from the Halifax County Commissioner of the Revenue's Office was not furnished until recently as a supplement; a separate tax notice mailing and an extended due date for payment will be offered to the owners of these registered trailers.  Finally, as a result of issues with the transfer of some data fields during the billing conversion process, personal property owners will see that the make and model of their vehicles does not appear although the matching Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) does correspond.  We apologize for that omission in the billing information and property owners are welcome to call Halifax Town Hall (434-476-2343) to verify the make and model per VIN.

Halifax is pleased to continue offering the payment option for Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills using Paymentus Corporation, a third party automated payment service that accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Electronic Check.  This payment plan can only be accessed online or by Phone using Paymentus.  This system will not be set up for payments in person at the Halifax Town Hall, although cash and check payments will continue to be accepted in person.  You may make your payment anytine, any day, 24/7.  Paymentus Corporation will charge a convenience fee for eachtransaction (the fee covers payment handling and processing charges).  Customers should be ready with the following information: 

  • For Real Estate, the 5-digit Parcel ID number (located on your billing statement),
  • For Personal Property, the 4-digit Tax ID number (located on your billing statement),
  • Your Credit Card number or your Checking Account and routing Number

To pay your bill by phone dial:  1-877-489-1674 to call a secure automated telephone payment system, powered by Paymentus Corporation.

To pay your bill online go to the Town of Halifax website, click on the "Pay Online Taxes" bar at the top and go to a secure third party website at Paymentus Corporation.

Again, the deadline for payment for all taxes due is Saturday December 5, 2015 with the exception of those receiving delayed billing for their registered trailers.  If a receipt is desired, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Payments made after the due date or postmark are subject to 10% Penalty and 10%Interest Per Annum.  In addition to applicable penalties and interest, after the second notice has been mailed, late payments on personal property will be for 100 percent of tax due without regard to any former entitlement to state PPTRA relief.  Also any real estate or personal property taxes not paid after the 2nd notice will have a $15.00 administration fee added to the bill due.  If ownership of property has been transferred during the current tax year, the bill should be forwarded to the responsible party.  For information about the tax assessment of property, please contact the County Commissioner of Revenue's Office at 434-476-3314.  If you have nay questions about phone or online payments, please call Halifax Town Hall at 434-476-2343.

Repairs Made to King's Bridge Landing-Banister River (1041 Bethel Rd)

Crews with J. Harman Saunders Construction, Inc. recently made repairs to the air pave parking system areas at the King's Bridge Landing wayside, adding additional topsoil, reseeding and covering with landscape fabric matting to allow new grass to take hold.  While the parking areas themselves are currently coned off, visitors and canoeists/kayakers may still access the King's Bridge Landing on the Banister River and are encouraged to park parallel close to the coned areas after dropping off their boats in a manner which still allows for vehicles to drive around the wayside.  As a reminder, the Landing is open from dawn to dusk, but may be closed during times of high river flow or maintenance work.