Master Gardeners Plant Sale On The Way May 4th

          The annual Southside Master Gardener Association Plant Sale will be held on May 4th from 7:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. in the parking lot outside the Halifax County Extension Office 171 S. Main Street, Halifax.  All types of plants will be available including annuals, herbs, perennials, vegetables, shrubs and trees.  The sale will offer some special features such as hypertufa containers, rain barrels and a bake sale.

          Herbal vinegars are a tasty way to get calcium into the body.  Herbal vinegars are loaded with good stuff like protein, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, Vitamins A, C, and D and some of the B vitamins.  Vinegar promotes growth of beneficial bacteria and keeps disease-producing germs in check.  Herbal vinegars support the immune system, help digest food and maintain a healthy pH in the intestines.  The herbal display will demonstrate how to make herbal vinegars and will have bottled herbal vinegar for sale.

          Hypertufa is the name of a process of making garden containers, ornaments, sculptures or stepping stones using Portland cement, perlite and peat.  The process was developed to substitute for volcanic rock called Tufa that was traditionally used to make Alpine troughs.  Information will be available about the next hypertufa class on July 13th.  Planted hypertufa containers and small stepping stones will be available for purchase.

          Rain barrels collect rainwater runoff from a roof.  One inch of rainfall from a 20' x 40' roof can yield 500 gallons of water.  Although rain barrels generally only hold 50 gallons, one small rain can fill a barrel giving you enough water to take care of your containers or a small vegetable garden for several weeks.  Completed rain barrels will be offered for sale with information about drought tolerant landscaping.

          Garden tools are an extension of the home gardener's arm.  Good tools are an investment, one that needs to be protected especially these days where money is tight.  We all know that sharp tools, especially pruners, are easier to use, but did you know sharp tools arebetter for the plant?  Dull pruner blades can tear bark or mash a stem leaving a wound that is open and susceptible to diseases or insects.  The plant has defenses to heal from a sharp clean cut at the proper place.  Bring your small gardening tools for a free cleaning and sharpening.

          Whether you are a plant lover or an avid fisherman, you won't want to miss our Vermiculture exhibit.  Vermiculture is the art of raising earthworms.  Find out how these little wonders of nature can turn your organic kitchen wastes, such as coffee grounds, egg shells and fruit peels, into some of the most sought-after organic fertilizer around.  Your plants will thrive when they get fertilized with "worm castings".

          Master Gardeners will be available to answer your gardening questions throughout the sale.  If you want more information or are interested in the Master Gardener program visit our website at, contact Bill McCaleb in the Halifax Extension Office at 434-476-2147 or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Downtown Revitalization Project News Release 09-08-13

     The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is tentatively scheduled to complete surface improvements along the US Highway 501 corridor (South Main Street from the intersection of Mountain Road [VA Scenic Byway 360] to North Main Street at the intersection of Bethel Road [VA Scenic Byway 360]) , on Monday September 9th, weather permitting, beginning at 10:00 am.  Motorists should be alert to machinery operating on Mountain Road, South Main Street and North Main Street during theis period along with personnel directing traffic when necessary. 

    VDOT's painting sub-contractor, Roadmark Corporation is expected to complete painting the traffic lanes, directional arrows and crosswalks from the intersection of Bethel Road (VA Scenic Byway 360) and North Main Street (US Highway 501) and continuing along North Main Street, Mountain Road (VA Scenic Byway 360), and South Main Street (US Highway 501) to Cemetery Street (Rte. #1111).  During this time, on-street parking on South Main Street and Edmunds Boulevard should not be impacted by the painting activity and parking areas behind the businesses well  be unaffected.  Motorists, business owners, customers and pedestrians traveling in this general area should exercise caution at all times when the contractors and sub-contractors are in operation.  VDOT crews have also been installing new pedestrian crosswalk signs at the existing crosswalks and will be addressing potential new crosswalk areas on North Main Street and South Main Street in the near future.  The Townof Halifax Police Department is circulating brochures to better inform pedestrians and motorists on crosswalk safety and how monitoring and enforcement in accordance with the Code of Virginia will be conducted.  The week of Monday September 23rd two-hour parking (between 8am-5pm) signs downtown between Houston Street and Cemetery Street are scheduled tentatively to be installed by VDOT crews.  

    For further information please contact the following Project Management Team representative:

Carl Espy, Halifax Town Manager - 434-476-2343 or

Robbie Love, County Planning Administrator - 434-476-3300 ext. 234

***Revitalization Project Goal***

"To create Economic Opportunity and renew Quality of Life"

The Town and County of Halifax seek the shared community vision to promote the economic vitality of the Town of Halifax downtown commercial area, its approach corridors and gateways in an effort to provide new employment opportunities, capital investments and civic activities which improve the integrity of the historic county seat.

Snow Removal within the Town of Halifax

•Public Service Announcement:

With the 1st major winter weather event of the year expected to hit the area, the Town of Halifax would like to explain to residents, businesses, property owners and public agencies how the snow removal efforts are coordinated between the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), Halifax County and the Town of Halifax.

VDOT is responsible for plowing the public roads (primary, secondary, residential) throughout Halifax County including within the Town of Halifax corporate limits.  VDOT snow removal crews/drivers & contractors working for VDOT each are assigned a specific territory and responsibility.  When snowfall occurs, crews are dispatched simultaneously to their assigned territory and snow removal routes are prioritized accordingly with major highways and high volume primary & secondary roads cleared first.  Once the most heavily traveled roads and emergency routes are adequately clear, crews/drivers move to less-traveled secondary roads and residential streets.  Snow removal on privately maintained roads is the responsibility of the property owners along the road or the homeowner association.

Driveway entries along curb and gutter streets and pipestem driveways along ditches are privately owned and maintained by the property owners.  Snow removal is the property owners' responsibility.

     -Residents should not clear their driveways back into the street until the street is cleared completely on a final route; this will only result in the snow being pushed back into the driveways.  Please do not approach the drivers and request additional snow removal or removal on private property.

Once the most heavily traveled roads and emergency routes are adequatyely clear and during the secondary road and residential street operation, VDOT crews/drivers & contractors working for VDOT, Halifax County and the Town of Halifax will begin clearing on-street parking areas in front of businesses, residences and public agencies along Main Street where necessary.

     -Business owners & patrons and affected residents & agencies should utilize off-street parking (where practical), during this stage of the operation.  Crews/drivers are instructed that if they approach an on-street parking area with unattended vehicles that would restrict their width and ability to maneuver the snowplow, not to clear that area.

VDOT is not responsible for clearing sidewalks.  Sidewalks treated by County & Town personnel before, during & after a snow event are those fronting County owned buildings/property, Town owned buildings/property and nearby approaches to designated crosswalks downtown.  County & Town personnel do not treat sidewalks in the residential neighborhoods.  Business owners are responsible for the sidewalk in front of their respective establishments.

     -Residents & businesses are asked to keep sidewalks safe.  As soon as feasible, please clear snow off the sidewalks in front of the property so that all pedestrians, especially those with disabilities and the elderly, may walk securely.  Sand, not chemical de-icing compounds should be used to prevent sidewalk damage.

County/Town personnel and contractors perform snow removal for off-street parking lots related to general county/town properties.  Clearing is conducted on a priority basis, with government centers, police, fire and other emergency facilities having highest priority.


The Halifax Town Council is accepting resumes from citizens who are interested in serving on Town Council representing Ward D until a special election is held in November 2013.  Eligible candidates must reside in the Town of Halifax within Ward D and be a registered voter.  The Ward D boundary runs on the north side of Mountain Raod (VA Scenic Byway 360) starting at the northwest corner of Maple Avenue (Rte#1105) heading west to Woodview Road (Rte #T1119 and then continuing north to Banister Lake following the Halifax Corporate Limits (HCL) easterly until reaching Buena Vista Drive (Rte #T1115) continuing south along Cary Street until reaching North Main Street/Halifax Road (US Hwy 501) crossing south at Green Street (Rte #T1120) to the Norfolk & Western rail line then heading southeast along the west side of Cowford Road (Rte #651) and then heading west on the south side of Golf Course Road (Rte #783) and then continuing north on the east side of Halifax Road/South Main Street (US Hwy 501) until reaching the intersection of Mountain Road (Ward maps are available upon request).  Town Council meets generally the 2nd Tuesday evening of each month and other times as needed.

If you are interested in serving on the Halifax Town Council, please send a short resume and letter of interest to Assistant Manager/Clerk Denise Barksdale This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail to:

Halifax Town Council                                                                                                                                                                                                       Post Office Box 627, Halifax, Virginia  24558                                                                                                                                                                    Attn:  Carl Espy, IV Town Manager/Clerk

Deadline for applications:  February 28, 2013.

Mayor G.F. "Dick" Moore

Police Chief Hire-Kevin Lands




On Monday November 19, 2012, the Halifax Town Council Personnel Committee conducted the final interview for the Chief of Police position and concurred with the recommendation of the VACP Interview Panel and Town Manager Carl Espy with the approval of Mayor Dick Moore to hire Kevin Lands effective 12-03-12 at the annual salary of $42,000 as advertised.


Mr. Lands scored as the top candidate based on the evaluations conducted by the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP) Interview Panel and the VACP recommendation for the Town of Halifax Police Chief Position.  12 applicants submitted their names for the chief's position by the 09-15-12 deadline with 5 candidates selected by the VACP Panel for interviews.  The Chiefs serving on the Panel ranked the top 3 candidates based on their evaluations stemming from the interviews.  Serving on the VACP Interview Panel were A.J. Panebianco, Chief of Middleburg, VA, Chris Spare, Chief of Warsaw, VA and Dave Sloggie, Chief of Williamsburg, VA.  VACP Executive Director Dana Schrad has been coordinating the application review and interview process as she outlined to Halifax Town Council on 09-11-12 working closely with Town Manager Espy, Mayor Moore and the Personnel Committee.


Kevin Lands served as the Chief of Police in Waverly, VA when he was appointed shortly after his hire as an officer in August 2008 through July 2012. Since that time he has been engaged by the Hopewell Sheriff’s Office as range master. During Chief Lands’ tenure in Waverly, he worked tirelessly to improve the effectiveness, professionalism and integrity of the department. He developed protocols and enforced a dress code to make the officers look professional.  He sought training, grant funding, and advice from other professionals and greatly improved the community’s opinion of the local police force. While serving as the Chief, Mr. Lands spearheaded many community focused programs, making a positive impact on the town and the police department. In its evaluation, the VACP Interview Panel described the candidate as a strong leader who is budget conscious and a skilled grant writer. Chief Panebianco, who lead the Panel noted, “Kevin appears to understand the fine line between community policing and the need to enforce; a skill that is essential in a small police department.” Chairman of the Personnel Committee Holt Evans reflected on the decision “The selection process was very professionally conducted and therefore time-consuming, but the result couldn’t be better. Kevin Lands and the Town of Halifax will be an excellent match.” Town Manager Carl Espy supported the high expectations of the new chief to help reinvigorate the department while at the same time commending the efforts of the current full-time and part-time staff under Lieutenant David Irby’s interim supervision, noting that it has been a challenge for Acting Chief Irby, who was also considered for the position to maintain the operations of the department with limited staffing until the Chief's vacancy was filled.  "I am certain Chief Lands will well with our officers interacting with them to assess the strengths of the department and areas in need of improvement.  Kevin has developed a strong and natural leadership style in which he earns the respect of those with whom he serves in law enforcement", Espy said.  The new Chief also scored very high in his ability to reach out to the community and to be very visible and accessible to business owners and citizens who have particular concerns about crime and safety.  From his extensive work history in restructuring a police department, the new Chief has also demonstrated his ability to work with elected officials and operate effectively on a limited budget.  Upon Mr. Lands accepting the town's offer for employ, Mayor Dick Moore commented, "First let me thank our Town Manager Carl Espy and our Personnel Committee working with VACP for all their hard work in finding us what I would say to be an excellent police chief.  Chief Kevin Lands will bring to our community experience in all facets of law enforcement.  I feel Chief Lands will be a great asset to our town and community.  I welcome Chief Lands, his wife Chantelle, and sons Cody and Brandon to Halifax."  Chief Lands will officially start work at the Halifax Police Department on Monday, December 3rd and will in the meantime communicate with town staff, police personnel and Town Council.  Mayor Moore anticipates introducing Chief Lands and his family at the December 11th Holiday Social at Town Hall starting at 5:30 pm prior to the Town Council Work Session & Regular Meeting.


Kevin Lands "Mini" Biography:


Kevin Lands was born in 1973 and is the son of a Baptist minister father and homemaker mother. He grew up hunting and fishing with his father and two brothers and enjoys the outdoors. In 1994 he began his law enforcement career as a correctional officer and four years later became a certified police officer the City of Petersburg, VA where he was a member of the SWAT team and served on several Narcotics and Street Crimes units and was a community policing officer in the Weed and Seed unit. In 2005 he left the police force to run an armed security company and in 2008 he accepted the position of Chief of Police with the town of Waverly VA where he served until July of this year.


During his time as Chief he was awarded over $220,000 in grant funds and updated the department’s equipment, vehicles, uniforms and technology. He also instituted a revolutionary in car mobile system that has received state and national attention from the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He also instituted multiple community policing projects and reduced crime drastically.


Kevin has a wife, Chantelle Lands, and two children, Cody, age thirteen and, Brandon, age three. His family is very active in community and they take joy in helping those who are less fortunate. The Lands frequently volunteer in food pantries and recently adopted a family who lost everything during Hurricane Sandy helping to raise over $5,000 in donations and driving to New York City to personally deliver them.