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Banister Town Housing Rehabilitation Project

The Town of Halifax has received initial funding assistance from DHCD to implement planning activities for a Housing Rehabilitation Project in preparation for the submittal of a Community Development Block Grant for the Banister Town community. The project area was prioritized in the Halifax County 2010 Housing Needs Assessment, and it is located along the Town’s northeasterly gateway into town. In 2010, this area was divided into 3 smaller project areas: N. Main St. I, N. Main St. II, and Back Street. The Town has combined all three areas and renamed the project area the “Banister Town Community”. Since 2010, the Town has removed seven (7) dilapidated homes/structures in this community to remedy slum and blight. The current project area is comprised of fifty-nine (59) homes. There are also three (3) businesses and three (3) churches in this community. Residents in this community are served by water and sewer from the Halifax County Service Authority (HCSA). An updated project area map from the 2010 Housing Needs Assessment is found below:

The Town has partnered with the Southside Planning District Commission (SSPDC), to assist in completing planning grant activities from DHCD funds to study the needs of the Banister Town community. The Town has requested both financial and technical assistance for the planning activities needed to constitute a construction project and potentially submit a proposal in March 2022.  Surveying is necessary to determine interest and eligibility in housing assistance, and a representative from the SSPDC, will be conducting door-to-door surveying through October. All project area occupants are encouraged to complete a survey. Surveys are also available at the Town office and online at  

A link to the online survey form can also be found below:

For more information about the DHCD planning grant and project outcomes, please see the SSPDC’s presentation from the 1st Public Hearing held at Halifax Town Hall on Wednesday September 22, 2021:

 1st Public Hearing_Banister Town Housing Rehab ...

Funding of the Banister Town project area will not only enhance the neighborhood and provide for a safe and sanitary environment, but it will improve the residents’ standard of living and quality of life as well improve the northern gateway into downtown Halifax.

Sangi Cooper

Senior Community Planner

Southside Planning District Commission

200 S. Mecklenburg Ave.

South Hill, VA 23970

Phone: 434.447.7101 ext. 203 

Fax: 434.447.7104

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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