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Town of Halifax Personal Property Taxes 2014 Reminder

  • Public Service Announcement: 

The Town of Halifax would like to remind residents, businesses and property owners that 2014 taxes for personal property and machine & tool, which were mailed on November 14th, are due by the extended deadline of Thursday February 5, 2015.

Since 2009, in response to taxpayers' preference, both the real estate and personal property/machine & tool tax separate notices have been included in the same envelope mailed by the town.  We apologize that circumstances this year require the town to send out two separate mailings.


Halifax is pleased to continue offering the payment option for Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills using Paymentus Corporation, a third party automated payment service that accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Electronic Check.  This payment plan can only be accessed online or by Phone using Paymentus.  This system will not be set up for payments in person at the Halifax Town Hall, although cash and check payments will continue to be accepted in person.  You may make your payment anytime, any day, 24/7.  Paymentus Corporation will charge a convenience fee for each transaction (the fee covers payment handling and processing charges).  Customers should be ready with the following information:

  • For Real Estate, the 5-digit Parcel ID number (located on your billing statement).
  • For Personal Property, the 4-digit Tax ID number (located on your billing statement).
  • Your Credit Card number or your Checking Account and Routing Number

To pay your bill by phone dial:  1-877-489-1674 to call a secure automated telephone payment system, powered by Paymentus Corporation.

To pay your bill online go to the Town of Halifax website, click on the "Pay Online Taxes" bar at the top and go to a secure third party website at Paymentus Corporation.

Please be reminded that the deadline for payment of total real estate tax due is Friday December 5, 2014. The deadline for personal property/machine & tool taxes will be extended once the revised mailing date is determined.  If a receipt is desired, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Payments made after the due date are subject to 10% Penalty and 10% Interest Per Annum.  In addition to applicable penalties and interest, after the second notice has been mailed, late payments on personal property will be for 100 percent of tax due without regard to any former entitlement to state PPTRA relief.  Also any real estate or personal property taxes not paid after the 2nd notice will have a $15.00 administration fee added to the bill due.  If ownership of property has been transferred during the current tax year, the bill should be forwarded to the responsible party.  For information about the tax assessment of property, please contact the County Commissioner of Revenue's Office at 434-476-3314.

If you have any questions about phone or online payments, please call Halifax Town Hall at 434-476-2343.

Halloween 2014


Buy Fresh, Buy Local









6:00 PM


(209 S. Main Street, Halifax, Virginia 24558)

The Heart of Virginia Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapter is a "local" chapter of a national Buy Fresh Buy Local program (FoodRoutes Network, LLC) and an initiative of the Old Dominion Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc.

The Heart of Virginia Chapter includes the counties of Amelia, Appomattox, Brunswick, Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Halifax, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Nottoway and Prince Edward.

Program overview, sustainability, how "you" can become involved, and other important information will be discussed at the meeting.

Make plans to attend.

For additional information, please contact:

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (434) 547-0540

Pet Waste Is Affecting Water Quality In Halifax County

Pet waste is Affecting water qualiity in Halifax County, so what do we do about it?

What is the problem?  Scooping up behind your pet isn't just a courtesy for those walking behind you; it is also the healthy and environmentally sound thing to do.  Pet waste can be a significant source of water pollution.  When pet waste is not properly disposed, it can be carried by rain or snow run-off directly into nearby water bodies or into storm drains.  Storm drains in streets and neighborhoods usually flow directly to a stream, river, or estuary without any treatment.  Untreated animal fecal matter and wastes can become a source of harmful bacteria and nutrients in water.  Just as we don't want human sewage in our water, it is important to prevent pet waste from being carried into our waterways because of negligence. 

How bad is it?  Is it affecting our health?  People are at risk of getting sick from drinking or swimming in water contaminated by pet waste.  Dogs can be significant hosts of disease causing organisms, including Giardia and Salmonella, which are protozoan and bacterial infections transmitted to humans by animals.  As a result, fishing, swimming and other water activities could be limited or shut down due to bacteria contamination. 

The latest research  The environmental impact of dog waste has gone unrecognized for decades.  Researchers have been able to match bacteria found in water with animal types.  Technology has been developed that allows for fingerprinting of bacterial sources from the water source to the bacteria of specific animals.  the conclusion of these findings is that certain portions of the Lower Banister River have high concentrations of bacteria that warrant both concern and preventive measures.

This is where we can all take an active part. 

You can follow these easy steps to be part of the solution to pet waste contamination.

  1. The first step is to always carry a plastic bag with you when you walk your dog.  Re-using an old newspaper delivery bag or plastic grocery bag works well.
  2. Using the bag like a glove, you can then pick up the pet waste, turn the bag inside out around the waste, seal the bag, and  dispose of it in a trash can.  You can also flush un-bagged pet waste down the toilet
  3. Don't place the bagged or un-bagged pet waste in a storm drain or hose the pet waste towards storm drains as they drain directly to a stream, river, lake or other water body.
  4. If you have a large yard, you may bury un-bagged pet waste in the yard at least 5 inches in the ground and away from vegetable gardens and waterways.
  5. You can attend the Public Information meeting.  Find out more about the Town of Halifax's Pet Waste Disposal Project and ways to improve water qualty along the Banister River Watershed.


This meeting will be held at the Town of Halifax's Farmers' Market on Saturday - October 11, 2014 from 8 am to 12 noon.

For more information contact:          Tri-County Community Action Agency, Inc.

Contact Name & Phone Number:      Bill Coleman - (434) 575-7916, Ext. 224




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